2019 - 2020  Session

Classes run August - May
Classes begin Saturday, August 24th
There is an annual $30 Registration Fee
Girls are required to purchase a class leotard
Boys are required to purchase a class shirt
Changes may be made  - Classes must have 3 enrollments to be held

To Register: Download our App &Login or Create an account through the Parent Account

     Little Tumblers
These classes are located at our new facility :
3805 25th Street, Columbus

Baby’s First Gym (Mobile infants & toddlers)

$20/Month unlimited visits (Reg. fee only $10)

*Drop-in, Join us anytime!

Wednesday       10:00-10:30am

Thursday            9:30-10:00am

Friday                  6:30-7:00pm

Saturday             9:00-9:30am


Parent & Tot (ages 2-3yrs) 

1x/Week  $45/Month

Monday                  4:30-5:15pm

Wednesday           10:45-11:30am

Wednesday           6:15-7:00pm

Thursday               10:45-11:30am

Friday                     5:45-6:30pm                   

Saturday                9:45-10:30am


Preschool Class (ages 3-4yrs potty trained)

1x/Week  $55/Month

Monday                  5:30-6:15pm

Monday                  6:15-7:00pm

Tuesday                 4:30-5:15pm

Tuesday                 5:30-6:15pm

Tuesday                 6:15-7:00pm           

Wednesday          9:15-10:00am

Wednesday          4:30-5:15pm                 

Wednesday          5:30-6:15pm

Thursday               10:00-10:45am

Thursday               4:15-5:00pm

Thursday               5:15-6:00pm

Thursday               6:15-7:00pm  

Saturday              10:45-11:30am


4 year olds with some Preschool Gymnastics experience

1X/Week  $55/Month

Wednesday                  6:50-7:35pm

Thursday                      6:50-7:35pm

Friday                            5:00-5:45pm

     Kindergym (Girls & Boys)


4-6 year old boys and girls
(4 year olds must have at least one year of Preschool or Hot Shots gymnastics experience )

1X/Week  $65/Month

Monday            4:00-5:00pm

Monday            4:20-5:20pm 

Monday            5:00-6:00pm

Monday            5:30-6:30pm

Monday (5-6yrs) 5:40-6:40pm

Tuesday             4:30-5:30pm

Tuesday             5:00-6:00pm

Tuesday             5:50-6:50pm

Wednesday      11:00-12:00pm

Wednesday (5-6yrs)  4:00-5:00pm

Wednesday (5-6yrs)  5:10-6:10pm

Wednesday       6:20-7:20pm

Thursday (5-6yrs)    4:20-5:20pm                              

Thursday            6:20-7:20pm                                                   

 Friday                 4:50-5:50pm                                

Saturday             9:30-10:30am



       Boys Classes



Tuesday                       5:00-6:00pm


Thursday  (6-8yrs)     5:00-6:00pm

Thursday                      6:00-7:00pm

(*5-6yr old boys must be recommended to take Boys Class)



1x/WEEK $85/Month

Thursday                     7:00-8:30pm

       Recreational Girls Classes



Monday          4:00-5:00pm

Monday          5:20-6:20pm

Tuesday          6:10-7:10pm

Wednesday   6:10-7:10pm

Thursday        4:00-5:00pm               

Thursday         5:50-6:50pm

Friday               5:10-6:10pm                

Saturday         10:30-11:30am



Monday           4:30-5:30pm

Monday           5:50-6:50pm

Monday           7:30-8:30pm

Tuesday          4:00-5:00pm

Tuesday          6:40-7:40pm

Tuesday          7:10-8:10pm

Wednesday   7:20-8:20pm

Thursday        4:20-5:20pm

Friday              4:10-5:10pm

Saturday        10:00-11:00am  




Tuesday           6:00-7:00pm

Tuesday           7:10-8:10pm

Wednesday    4:00-5:00pm

Thursday         4:00-5:00pm

Thursday         5:00-6:10pm



1x/WEEK  $85/ MONTH

Wednesday        4:30-6:00pm


       Tumbling (Girls & Boys)



Tuesday  (Advanced)    7:45-8:30pm




1x/week $65 

Monday            6:00-7:00pm

Tuesday           4:10-5:10pm

Tuesday           5:20-6:20pm

Thursday         5:30-6:30pm



1x/week $85/month

Level 1

Monday           6:00-7:30pm

Tuesday          4:00-5:30pm

Wednesday   6:00-7:30pm

Thursday        4:20-5:50pm

Thursday        6:00-7:30pm

Level 2

Monday           6:30-8:00pm

Tuesday           4:30-6:00pm

Wednesday     4:00-5:30pm

Wednesday     7:00-8:30pm

Thursday         4:30-6:00pm


Monday            4:10-5:40pm 

Monday            6:30-8:00pm

Wednesday     6:00-7:30pm

Wednesday     4:30-6:00pm


Amerikids Competitive Classes
(Traveling Team)


2X/week  $125/month

Monday             5:00-6:30pm

Tuesday            6:00-7:30pm

Wednesday      5:00-6:30pm        

Thursday          6:00-7:30pm    



2x/week $135/month

Monday            4:00-6:00pm

Tuesday           6:00-8:00pm

Thursday         6:30-8:30pm

Friday               4:00-6:00pm


2x/week $150/ month

Monday           6:30-8:30pm

Wednesday    6:30-8:30pm

Thursday         6:30-8:30pm

Friday               4:00-6:00pm

2019 Summer Session

June 3rd - August 1st
Tentative-Changes may be made. 
There is an annual $30 Registration Fee.
Classes must have 3 enrollments to be held

To Register: Download our App &Login or Create an account through the Parent Account

Heartland Little Tumblers

(Infants -> Preschool)

*Held at our new location: 3805 25th Street

Baby’s First Gym (mobile infants & toddlers)

$20/Month unlimited visits (Reg. fee only $10)

Monday                    6:00-6:30pm              Hailey

Tuesday                  12:15-12:45pm           Hailey

Wednesday            10:00-10:30am           Hailey

Thursday                  6:00-6:30pm              Hailey


Parent & Tot (ages 2-3yrs) 1x/week  $90/Session

Monday                   12:00-12:45pm              Brielle

Monday                   6:45-7:30pm                   Hailey

Tuesday                  10:00-10:45am             Shanna

Tuesday                  6:00-6:45pm                   Hailey

Wednesday            4:00-4:45pm             Bethannie

Wednesday            6:00-6:45pm                   Hailey

Preschool Class (ages 3-4yrs Potty trained)

1x/week $110/Session

Monday                   10:00-10:45am                Brielle

Monday                   11:00-11:45am                Brielle

Tuesday                  11:00-11:45am                Hailey

Tuesday                  7:00-7:45pm                   Hailey

Wednesday               9:00-9:45am                 Kelly

Wednesday               11:00-11:45am            Hailey

Wednesday              5:00-5:45pm                  Hailey

Wednesday               7:00-7:45pm                 Hailey

Thursday                 9:00-9:45am                   Brielle

Thursday                 10:00-10:45am              Brielle

Thursday                 4:00-4:45pm                   Alisyn 

Thursday                 5:00-5:45pm                   Alisyn

Thursday                 6:45-7:30pm                   Hailey


             (Girls & Boys)             

Young Beginners (ages 4-6yrs)  1x/week $130/Session

Monday               9:00-10:00am                    Sophia

Monday               10:00-11:00am                  Sophia              

Monday                5:20-6:20pm                      Sophia

Tuesday                  9:40-10:40am                    Lizzie

Tuesday                10:20-11:20am                  Brielle

Tuesday (5 & 6 yr olds)  11:20-12:20           Brielle                

Tuesday                    5:40-6:40pm                   Emilie

Tuesday (5 & 6 yr olds)  6:50-7:50pm           Emilie

Wednesday            8:50-9:50am                     Brielle

Wednesday           10:00-11:00am               Brielle                        

Wednesday           11:10-12:10pm                 Brielle

Wednesday            4:00-5:00pm                     Sophia

Wednesday            4:20-5:20pm                     Lizzie

Wednesday            5:20-6:20pm                     Lizzie                          

Wednesday            6:20-7:20pm                     Katelynn      

Wednesday           7:20-8:20pm                      Katelynn            

Thursday  (5 & 6 yr olds)    5:40-6:40pm       Sophia


    Boys Classes

Boys Young Beginners 5-6yrs 1x/week $130/Session

Tuesday                 6:00-7:00pm                     Ryley

Wednesday         10:30-11:30am                  Tyson

Wednesday          11:40-12:40pm                Tyson

Thursday               11:00-12:00pm                Jed


Boys Class 7-12yrs  1x/week  $130/Session                    

Tuesday                7:00-8:00pm                       Ryley

Thursday            10:00-11:00am                     Jed

Advanced Boys Class  (must be recommended)  1x/week  $170/Session                    

Monday                6:00-8:00pm                       Ryley


Recreational Girls

Beginner Girls Class -No Experience (ages 6-12yrs)

1x/week $130/Session

Monday               9:50-10:50am            Amber

Monday              11:00-12noon             Amber                         

Tuesday             10:40-11:40am           Meghan       

Wednesday      11:00-12noon              Meghan

Wednesday       5:00-6:00pm                Amber

Thursday            6:00-7:00pm                Amber


Girls Class -Must have a good cartwheel(ages 6 & up)

1x/week $130/Session

Monday               9:50-10:50am             Meghan

Monday               7:30-8:30pm                Jolene

Tuesday              11:50-12:50pm           Meghan       

Wednesday        10:00-11:00am          Meghan      

Wednesday        6:00-7:00pm                Amber

Thursday             7:00-8:00pm               Kiersten


Intermediate Class- Must have a good Roundoff and Backbend

1x/week $130/Session

Monday                11:00-12noon                Meghan

Monday                 6:40-7:40pm                 Meghan                               

Tuesday                   7:30-8:30pm               Meghan

Thursday               10:50-11:50am            Meghan


Advanced Class-

Must have completed Int class & recommended by instructor

1x/wk $130

Wednesday            10:30-11:30am               Amber 



Tumbling Classes

                                     (Girls & Boys)                                       

Intermediate Tumbling Class 7-16yrs

1x/week $100/Session

(must have a good roundoff and backbend)

Thursday           7:15-8:00pm                   Ryley

Advanced Tumbling Class 8-16yrs

1x/week $100/Session

(must have a good roundoff, front handspring and a backbend kickover)

 Thursday          8:00-8:45pm                 Ryley


Future Stars Class - 1x/week $65/MONTH 

Monday               11:10-12:10pm              Kiersten

Tuesday               9:40-10:40am                Krystel

Tuesday               5:50-6:50pm                    Amber              

Wednesday        9:10-10:10am                  Keri

Thursday             9:30-10:30am                  Keri

Thursday             5:40-6:40pm                    Kiersten

 Columbus Team Level 1 - 1x/week $85/MONTH

Monday Lvl 1        6:00-7:30pm                  Jolene

Tuesday Lvl 1        9:30-11:00am               Keri /Erin                                                   

Wednesday Lvl 1     4:00-5:30pm              Sandy

Thursday Lvl 1      9:30-11:00am               Michelle

Columbus Team Level 2 - 1x/week $85/MONTH

Monday Lvl 2          4:30-6:00pm                Sandy

Tuesday Lvl 2          6:00-7:30pm               Katelynn

Wednesday Lvl 2    10:30-12noon            Kiersten

Wednesday Lvl 2      5:00-6:30pm             Kiersten

Thursday Lvl 2         9:30-11:00am            Kiersten

Columbus Team Level 3 & Optionals- 1x/week $85/MONTH

Monday  Lvl 3 & Opt      9:30-11:00am       Ann/ Kiersten

Tuesday Lvl 3 & Opt      10:20-11:50am     Michelle

Tuesday Lvl 3 & Opt      6:30-8:00pm          Kiersten

Travel Team Level 2  - 2x/week $125/MONTH

Monday                6:00-8:00pm                   Ivy

Tuesday                9:00-11:00am               Tiffannie

Wednesday         6:00-8:00pm                  Ivy      

Thursday              9:00-11:00am                Tiffannie                                                                   

Travel Team Level 3  - 2x/week $135/MONTH

Monday               11:00-2:00pm                 Tiffannie

Tuesday              6:30-9:00pm                    Tiffannie

Wednesday       11:00-2:00pm                  Tiffannie

Thursday            6:30-9:00pm                     Ivy

Optionals Team –  2x or 3x/week $150/MONTH 

Monday               6:30-9:00pm              Tiffannie/ Mike

Tuesday             11:00-2:00pm             Tiffannie/ Michelle

Wednesday        6:30-9:00pm              Tiffannie/ Mike                       

Thursday           11:00-2:00pm             Tiffannie/ Michelle

Thursday            6:30-9:00pm              Tiffannie/ Mike/ Michelle