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2018 - 2019 Class Schedule

Fall - Spring
(Classes Begin Saturday, Aug 25th)

Tentative-Changes may be made. 
There is an annual $30 Registration/Insurance Fee.
Open Registration is Wednesday, Aug 1st at Noon.

To Register: Login or Create an account through the Parent Account

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Baby's First Gym

Mobile infants (under 2 years) Parent participation required.

$15/ month + only $10 annual insurance fee

Once registered each parent/child is welcome to participate in any of the following days/times.

Tuesday               3:00-3:30pm           Hailey

Wednesday       10:00-10:30am       Hailey

Friday                  6:15-6:45pm           Hailey

Saturday             9:00-9:30am          Hailey/Nina


Parent & Tot

Ages 2-4yrs (Required parent participation) 

1x/week  $32 for 4 classes

Tuesday             10:15-11:00am        Bethannie        

Tuesday             6:30-7:15pm             Kim B   

Thursday           10:15-11:00am         Bethannie        

Friday                 5:45-6:30pm             Hailey?                                                     

Saturday            9:45-10:30am          Hailey/Nina     


Preschool Class 

Ages 3-4yrs (potty trained)   1x/week  $40/ Month

* next to classes indicate classes ONLY for 2nd year gymnasts.

Monday             5:50-6:35pm          Michelle

Tuesday          10:00-10:45am        Hailey

Tuesday*          5:10-5:55pm           Sophie            

Tuesday            5:20-6:05pm           Allison R

Wednesday      9:00-9:45am           Hailey

Wednesday*    4:30-5:15pm           Hailey                          

Wednesday*     5:30-6:15pm          Hailey

Wednesday     6:15-7:00pm (if Needed)  Hailey

Thursday          10:00-10:45am       Hailey

Thursday           5:50-6:35pm    Shanna/Lauren

Friday                 5:00-5:45pm         Hailey?                                  

Saturday        10:45-11:30am    Hailey/Nina                                                     


Young Beginners 

Ages 4-6yrs  1x/week  $50/Month

(4 year olds required to have Preschool gymnastics experience)

 * next to classes indicate classes ONLY for ages 5 & 6.

Monday             4:00-5:00pm           Keira

Monday             4:20-5:20pm           Lizzie

Monday             5:30-6:30pm           Lizzie

Monday*           5:40-6:40pm           Olivia

Tuesday           11:00-12:00pm        Amy

Tuesday             4:00-5:00pm          Sophie

Tuesday             5:00-6:00pm         Meghan

Tuesday             5:50-6:50pm          Emilie

Wednesday*     4:00-5:00pm         Sophie

Wednesday*     5:10-6:10pm       Sophie/Meghan           

Wednesday       6:00-7:00pm        Sophie

Thursday*          4:00-5:00pm                                          

Thursday            6:20-7:20pm        Emilie              

 Friday                 4:45-5:45pm                             

Saturday             9:30-10:30am      Jolene

          Recreational Classes

Beginner Girls

Ages 6-11yrs  1x/week  $50/ Month

Monday         4:10-5:10pm         Olivia

Monday         4:30-5:30pm         Meghan

Monday         5:00-6:00pm          Olivia

Tuesday        6:10-7:10pm          Jolene

Wednesday  6:30-7:30pm         Amber/Ali       

Thursday       5:50-6:50pm        

Friday             5:10-6:10pm         Meghan                         

Saturday       10:30-11:30am     Jolene

Girls Class

Ages 6 -14    1x/week  $50/ Month

Monday        5:50-6:50pm          Meghan

Tuesday       4:00-5:00pm           Meghan

Tuesday        6:40-7:40pm          Jamie

Tuesday        7:10-8:10pm          Jolene

Wednesday  7:30-8:30pm         Amber/ Ali

Thursday       4:20-5:20pm         Kiersten

Friday            4:10-5:10pm          Meghan

Saturday     10:00-11:00am       Meghan


Ages 8 & up   1x/week  $50/ Month

 Tuesday       6:00-7:00pm          Meghan

Tuesday        7:10-8:10pm          Meghan

Wednesday  4:00-5:00pm          Meghan

Thursday       4:00-5:00pm          Meghan

Thursday        5:00-6:10pm         Meghan


Advanced Girls Class 

- Experience Required - Back handspring on trampoline

1x/week $70/ Month      

Wednesday  4:30-6:00pm       Tiffannie

Boys Class

8-12yrs   1x/week  $50/ Month             

Monday            6:10-7:15pm         Ryley

Wednesday     5:00-6:10pm         Ryley   

Thursday  (6-8yrs) 5:00-6:00pm  Ryley

Advanced Boys - Experience Required 

1x/week  $80/ Month   or   2x/week  $110/ Month

Monday           7:00-8:30pm           Ryley

Friday              4:00-6:00pm           Ryley

Intermediate Tumbling (Acro)

1x/week  $40/ Month

(must have a roundoff and backbend)

Tuesday     7:45-8:30pm             Ryley

Advanced Tumbling (Acro)

1X/week  $40/ Month

(must have a roundoff, front and back handspring and aerial on trampoline)

*To Be Determined



Future Stars

1x/week $50/ Month

Monday           5:20-6:20pm        Krystal

Tuesday          4:10-5:10pm         Keri

Tuesday          5:20-6:20pm         Keri

Thursday        5:30-6:30pm         Kiersten

Friday              5:00-6:00pm         Megan R

Saturday      10:00-11:00am       Tiffannie

 Columbus Team

1x/week $70/ Month

 Level 1   

Tuesday             4:30-6:00pm       Sandy

Wednesday       6:00-7:30pm       Brittany

Thursday            4:20-5:50pm       Tiffannie

Thursday            6:00-7:30pm      Jolene

Level 2

Monday              6:00-7:30pm       Brittany         

Monday              6:50-8:20pm       Gina

Wednesday       4:00-5:30pm       Amy

Wednesday       7:00-8:30pm      Kiersten

Thursday            4:30-6:00pm       Sandy

Friday                  4:30-6:00pm       Erin

Level 3

Monday               4:00-5:30pm       Tiffannie

Monday               6:50-8:20pm       Gina

Wednesday        5:30-7:00pm       Michelle


Monday               4:00-5:30pm        Ann

Wednesday        5:30-7:00pm        Ann

          Amerikids Competitive Classes (Traveling Team)

AK2 - 2x/week $100/ Month

Monday             5:00-6:30pm         Michelle

Tuesday            6:00-7:30pm        Tiffannie/Ryley 

Wednesday      4:30-6:00pm        Michelle                    

Thursday           6:00-7:30pm         Nicole         


AK3 - 2x/week $110/ Month

Tuesday            4:00-6:00pm          Tiffannie

Tuesday            6:00-8:00pm         Tiffannie/Ryley

Thursday          6:30-8:30pm           Michelle

Friday                4:00-6:00pm          Tiffannie


Optionals Team - 2x/week $110/ Month

Monday          6:30-8:30pm         Mike/Tiffannie/Michelle

Tuesday         4:00-6:00pm          Tiffannie

Wednesday   6:30-8:30pm         Michelle/Tiffannie/Ryley

Thursday        6:30-8:30pm         Ryley/Mike/Tiffannie

Friday              4:00-6:00pm         Tiffannie

2018 Summer Class Schedule

June 4th - August 2nd 
(Closed June 29th - July 8th)

Tentative-Changes may be made. 
There is an annual $30 Registration/Insurance Fee.
Registration is Open

To Register: Login or Create an account through the Parent Account.

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Baby's First Gym

Mobile infants (under 2 years) Parent participation required.

$15/ month + $10 annual insurance fee

Once registered each parent/child is welcome to participate in any of the following days/times.

Monday                   4:00-4:30pm

Wednesday          10:15-10:45am

Thursday                 6:15-6:45pm

Friday                      9:30-10:00am

Parent & Tot

Ages 2-3yrs (Required parent participation) 

1x/week  $32 for 4 classes 

Monday                6:30-7:15pm                     Hailey

Tuesday             10:15-11:00am                   Hailey

Tuesday               5:00-5:45pm                      Hailey                                                             

Tuesday               5:45-6:30pm                      Hailey

Thursday             9:45-10:30am                    Hailey

Preschool Class 

Ages 3-4yrs (potty trained)   1x/week  $80/ Session

Monday               9:00-9:45am                      Hailey

Monday             10:30-11:15am                    Hailey

Monday               5:30-6:15pm                       Hailey

Tuesday              9:00-9:45am                       Hailey

Tuesday            11:15-12:00pm                     Hailey                  

Tuesday               6:45-7:30pm                      Hailey

Wednesday         9:00-9:45am                      Hailey                                 

Wednesday          5:45-6:30pm                     Hailey

Thursday              9:30-10:15am                   Lauren

Thursday           10:00-10:45am                     Nina

Thursday            11:00-11:45am                   Hailey        

Thursday             5:45-6:30pm                       Lizzie

Thursday             6:45-7:30pm                       Hailey


Young Beginners 

Ages 4-6yrs  1x/week  $100/Session   or   2x/week  $160/Session

(4 year olds required to have Preschool gymnastics experience)

 * next to classes indicate classes ONLY for ages 5 & 6.

Monday            10:00-11:00am               Keira/Tanley                    

Monday             5:40-6:40pm                    Amber             

Tuesday            9:40-10:40am                   Gabrielle

Tuesday *        11:00-12:00pm                  Amber                                                     

Tuesday            5:45-6:45pm                      Emilie

Tuesday  *         7:00-8:00pm                      Emilie

Wednesday      10:00-11:00am                  Keira

Wednesday  *   10:20-11:20am             Keri/ Tanley

Wednesday      11:00-12:00pm             Keira/Tanley

Wednesday       4:40-5:40pm                     Hailey                          

Wednesday       6:10-7:10pm                     Amber           

Thursday           9:40-10:40am                 Meghan

Thursday         11:00-12:00pm                 Meghan

Thursday   *       5:45-6:45pm                     Amber              


         Recreational Classes

Beginner Girls -No Experience

Ages 6-9yrs  1x/week  $100/Session   or  2x/week  $160/Session

Monday             9:50-10:50am               Amber

Monday            11:00-12:00pm             Keira/Tanley                           

Tuesday            10:00-11:00am              Meghan       

Wednesday        9:50-10:50am              Meghan

Wednesday        5:00-6:00pm                 AMber              

Wednesday        5:30-6:30pm                 Tiffannie

Thursday            6:00-7:00pm                  Kiersten  


Girls Class -1 yr Experience

Ages 6 & up  1x/week  $100/Session   or  2x/week  $160/Session

Monday              9:50-10:50am                  Meghan

Monday              7:30-8:30pm                     Jolene

Tuesday             11:00-12:00pm                Meghan       

Wednesday      11:00-12:00pm                 Meghan

Wednesday       7:30-8:30pm                      Jolene                           

Thursday           7:00-8:00pm                      Kiersten


Intermediate -2 years Experience

1x/week  $100/Session   or  2x/ week $160/Session

Monday            11:00-12:00pm                 Meghan

Monday             6:40-7:40pm                      Meghan    

Tuesday             9:20-10:20am                    Erin      

Tuesday             7:00-8:00pm                     Meghan


Young Beginner Boys

5-6yrs  1x/week $100/Session       

Tuesday               5:10-6:10pm                   Ryley

Wednesday         6:10-7:10pm                   Ryley

Boys Class

7-12yrs  1x/week $100/Session              

Wednesday         5:00-6:00pm                  Ryley

Thursday              4:30-5:30pm                  Ryley

Advanced Boys                                           Ryley

  *Pending-contact the gym for more info.     

Intermediate Tumbling 

7-16yrs  1x/week $80/Session

(must already have a roundoff and backbend)

Wednesday      4:00-4:45pm                    Ryley

Advanced Tumbling 

 8-16yrs  1X/week  $80/Session

(must have a roundoff, front handspring and a backbend kickover)

Thursday         7:00-7:45pm                      Ryley  


Future Stars

1x/week $100/Session  or  2x/week $160/Session

Monday                                    9:20-10:20am                           Olivia

Tuesday                                   9:30-10:30am                            Kira

Tuesday                                   6:00-7:00pm                              Llovanna                     

Wednesday                             9:10-10:10am                            Keri

Wednesday                             6:10-7:10pm                              Krystal

Thursday                                  9:30-10:30am                           Kira

 Columbus Team Level 1

1x/week $140/Session  or  2x/week $180/Session

Monday Lvl 1                         6:00-7:30pm                             Jolene

Tuesday Lvl 1                         9:00-10:30am                           Keri                                                     

Wednesday Lvl 1                   11:10-12:40pm                        Keri

Wednesday Lvl 1                   5:00-6:30pm                             Lanie

Thursday Lvl 1                       9:00-10:30am                           Keri


Columbus Team Level 2

1x/week $140/Session  or  2x/week $180/Session

Monday Lvl 2                            4:30-6:00pm                             Sandy

Wednesday Lvl 2                      4:30-6:00pm                            Sandy

Wednesday Lvl 2                      6:00-7:30pm                             Jolene/ Kim

Columbus Team may come to the Level 2 classes  $80/month 1x/week   $160/Session


Columbus Team Level 3 should come to the Level 3 classes


Level 2 - 2x/week $220/Session

Tuesday                                   9:00-11:00am                           Amy/ Tiffannie

Tuesday                                   6:15-8:15pm                              Ivy      

Thursday                                  9:00-11:00am                           Amy                           

Thursday                                  6:15-8:15pm                              Tiffannie


Level 3 - 2x/week $220/Session

Monday                                    9:00-11:00am                           Ann/ Tiffannie

Monday                                    6:30-8:30pm                             Ivy

Wednesday                              9:00-11:00am                          Tiffannie

Wednesday                              6:30-8:30pm                             Ivy


Optionals Team – 2x/week $240/Session

Monday                                    6:30-8:30pm                             Tiffannie/ Mike/ Ryley

Tuesday                                   10:30-1:00pm                            Nancy / Tiffannie /Michelle

Wednesday                              6:30-8:30pm                             Tiffannie/ Mike/ Ryley                           

Thursday                                  10:30-1:00pm                            Nancy/ Tiffannie/ Michelle

 Traveling team must come 2x/week all summer!!