Parent & Preschooler -  Girls & Boys 2-3 years- 45 min

This Class requires a parent to attend with the child.  They learn basic body awareness and coordination skills.  
Beginning skills are introduced with the aid of mats, barrels, and other small equipment used in the Preschool area. 

Preschool Class-  Boys & Girls 3-4 years- 45min.

In this class we teach basic positions and terms.  In these classes gymnasts use smaller equipment, learn basic body awareness, and coordination.

  For example they learn pre-cartwheels, rolls, hopping, skipping, keeping arms straight while holding body weight, balance, and trampoline and pit play

Young Beginners4, 5, & 6 year old boys and girls (4 year olds with at least one year of preschool experience)-55 min.

 Gymnasts are introduced to the regular gymnastics equipment.(bars, beam, tumbling floor and vaulting table)   

Basic skills are taught such as handstands, rolls, cartwheels, pull over on the bars, and jumping on a springboard with both feet. 

Additional trampoline skills are introduced at this level.

Future Stars class- for younger gymnasts-55 min.

 An accelerated beginners class for gymnasts who wish to be on a competitive team in the future.  

 In this class gymnasts are required to wear a leotard. (they can wear their  class leo to class) so  they can  work on skills needed for competition. 

 Straight legs , arms and pointed toes are emphasized in this class.  Skills for Level 2 Routines are worked on.

Beginner Girls &  Beginner Boys Classes - 6-11 year olds-70 min

This class is for anyone wishing to increase flexibility, coordination, balance and strength.  Basic skills are taught on floor, beam, bars, vault, and trampoline. 

 A gymnast can progress at his or her own speed. Boys use additional boys equipment.

Girls & Boys Classes-6-11year olds with 1 year experience -70min

This class is for anyone wishing to build on their  flexibility, coordination, balance and strength.  Additional  skills are taught on floor, beam, bars, vault, and trampoline.  

 Boys use additional boys equipment.

Intermediate Classes-8 years & Up (min 2 years experience) 90 min

More advanced skills are taught.  Routines are learned just like the competitive classes. A team leotard is required for this class.  

This class is for gymnasts who want to continue learning harder skills but do not compete.

 Columbus Team Classes- This class is for girls that want to compete against others but not be on the Traveling Competition Team.  

You also do not have to come 2 times per week for this class.

Girls Competition Team 
Classesminimum of  2 classes a week are required.

Starting level is AK2-AK3  and on up to optionals—The girls are required to have a team leotard. You must be able to do specific skills required for each level.  

To be on the traveling competitive team you must attend classes in the summer.  Our teams compete at several meets in NE through out the year. (Jan-May) 

Members are required to do the home meet at Platte College and encouraged to do the other meets when possible. 

 Meet entry fees are $30 and you participate for about three hours on Sat. or Sunday.  

Boys Classes- Ages may vary - 1 hour classes

Basic skills are required to join, such as; Cartwheels, round-offs, and backrolls. Boys will learn multiple events, such as; rings, trampoline, floor, bars, parallel bars, and vault. 

Tumbling Classes6-11 years old- 45 min

This class is for anyone wanting only floor skills such as rolls, handstands, cartwheels, walkovers , roundoffs and some trampoline skills. No additional equipment will be used. 

Intermediate TumblingMin 1 year experience  (8yrs & up) 55min

This class is for anyone wishing to do more advanced skills for cheerleading or dance. Must have had at least 2 years of previous gymnastics. 

Will work on Front & Back Handsprings, Walkovers, jumps, leaps, flexibility and splits.